Sunday 20 Aug 2017
Marcamontana's Paths

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Marcamontana's Path Three

Tourism up in altitude

An itinerary that discovers the secrets of the nine cities of Marcamontana in a magical long weekend

Tourism up in altitude Eat & See: Travel between 9 treasures in less than 80 km / 4 days.


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Marcamontana's Path Two

Itinerary of 2 nights / 3 days in Marcamontana

Itinerary of the unusual - Between men and squares

Treia Cardinale Grimaldi, Dolores Prato, Piazza della Repubblica San Severino - Piazza del Popolo Matelica - Monsignor Piersanti, Museo Piersanti, Enrico Mattei, Piazza Mattei

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Marcamontana's Path One

2-day itinerary in Marcamontana, On the traces of the water  

Fiuminata, Sefro, Pioraco

Castles and ancient trees are witnesses of a glorious past and a present in which the quality of life is still very high. Among these fortresses, not only men-at-arms and genius, but also farmers and shepherds, they have created and defended an artistic and cultural heritage difficult to beat.

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Marcamontana's Path Zero

Esanatoglia, outdoor sports city / one day itinerary.

"Fatti non foste a viver come bruti"

How not to live Esanatoglia as a place conducive to the Muses, whether they are the ones that inspired the potters, carvers guided the hand of simulacra and sacred furnishings such as Lorenzo Lazzaroni, moved minds and brushes of painters born in different centuries, but similar in innovative creativity? Things and people are united by a sort of Ulysses syndrome, that is, the desire to push the envelope across the border.

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