Friday 18 Aug 2017
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The natural resources: the rock

In Fiuminata climbing gym was the first to be opened in the Marche region for climbing: it has 60 routes of ascent from 4 to '8th degree. In the Gola di Pioraco there is a cliff that has over 50 shots ranging from 4 + to '8b. The climbing is mostly technical, since in most cases of vertical plates or slightly overhanging: need good fingers and tight shoes.

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A lesson in the...Museum

The unique geological nature and the unique ecosystem of marcamontana allow you to take an interesting educational information between the Natural History Museum and the Environmental Education Center in Gagliole. You can book, among other things, guided tours integrated at teaching moments (including days with experts for the direct observation of the fossiliferous outcrops in Valle and Valle dei Grilli and Dell'Elce, research and recognition of fossils in the original simulated area. In Pioraco, Fossil Museum and Museum of Paper and Watermark, with a stop at the fulling mill for making paper according to the ancient technique. In Esanatoglia, visual journey across the sky accomplice in the absence of light pollution, astronomical observatory point operated by Astrosearch AESA.



Horse riding, excursions on horseback

The riding association Il Molino offers training lessons, horseback "personalized" rides and bivouacs on the trails and meadows between Gagliole, Matelica and San Severino. Training and trekking with the sports club Il Villino Horse Riding active in Treia, which has technicians licensed are also providing experience in equestrian sports such as western riding and English riding.

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