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The Settempedana way

It was known in ancient times as Flaminia, as diverticulum of the Flaminia Eastern. Commercial and military way, was synonymous with the journey of the spirit, facilitated by the existence, a few kilometers away from the centers terminals, Nocera Umbra and Osimo, two of the major centers of the Christian religion: Assisi and Loreto. St. Francis himself used several times Settempedana way. Between the tenth and twelfth centuries, its director had sprung up along the many abbeys (including San Michele in Domora and San Lorenzo in Doliolo): among the celebrities who walked the examples are the Popes Nicholas V and Pius II (who lived at the hospice of Valcerasa, Treia), and Isabella d'Este, Marchioness of Mantua, who in 1494 visited Pioraco and the Castle of Fiuminata, ascend the valley of the Potenza to reach Gubbio.

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The Flaminia

l'tinerarium Antonini mentions six streets that cross the Marche region. The fourth of these, that the text defines Flaminia (the name comes not from the console which was dedicated a road that connected Rome to Rimini), after leaving the Dubios in Umbria, near Nocera, reached Prolaque (Pioraco), Septempeda (San Severino Marche) Trea (Treia), Auximum (Osimo) and Ancona and then continue to the south. Memory of this track is also found in the writings of Ciceron and Tacitus, speaking of Calpurnius Piso returned from Syria, said that he landed in the port of Ancona and walked to the Via Flaminia to Rome.

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  • Interested in all the municipalities of the Montana community. It 'been divided into stages between the holiday centers and / or centers of major historic environment. You can go either clockwise or counterclockwise but the departure can be performed from any location. To walk on horseback it is advisable to make contact with the centers where you intend to stay overnight.

    San Severino Marche - Crispiero, Crispiero - Pioraco Pioraco - Monte Lago, Sefro - Fiuminata, Fiuminata - Castel Sant'Angelo Castel Sant'Angelo - Chigiano, Chigiano - Treia of San Lorenzo, San Lorenzo di Treia - San Severino Marche

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