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  • L'infiorata

    It is located almost at the end of the Valley of the Potenza river, on hills near the mountains Primo, Gemmo and Crispino. Of the original nucleus, a work of great military engineering, few traces remain today and a town rich in art and fine villas and castles: Brondoleto, Sant'Angelo, Corneto, Seano, Castel Santa Maria, Rustano, Lanciano, Collina, Torricella, Crispiero. The sacred and profane art are mixed in a "continuum"  with excellence as the Castle of Lanciano and the "Infiorata of Corpus Domini"  extraordinary events on the occasion of the homonymous religious feast: a general mobilization which runs from Saturday evening to Sunday sunrise in which the visitor can enjoy even combine them with a tour of art and typicality.
    castelraimondo-torricella.jpgspietro rai.jpgcastelraimondo-nome.jpgchiesa crispiero.jpgs. barbara crispiero.jpgrustano esterno 2.jpgtorre biagio rai.jpginfiopano rai.jpg
  • EsanatogliaEsanatoglia, historic village of which he is an honorary citizen Renato Zero, has a special feeling with the sport and art. Theatre of international motocross races, for all fans of the free flight, reserve the Three Pizzi of Monte Gemmo, field among the safest (especially for paragliding) and better prepared for the winds that blow between May and September. Art lovers, in addition to collections and valuable works, will find a beautiful Futurist casket like House Zampini, with furnishings signed Ivo Pannaggi. Memorable excursions like the one at the source of the Esimo river through meadows equipped for parking and fitness. Of return are the medieval and Renaissance architecture to admire, the typical food, handcrafts to discover, the vibrant cultural life and a rich program of events.

  • fiuminataIt owes its name to the nearby headwaters of the river, "Potenza." Probable site of prehistoric settlements as evidenced by archeological finds from the Bronze Age, with its twenty-four localities the city is completely immersed in a green and pristine environment. The Stoni's lakes, the floristic area of Monte Pennino, the mountain meadows and the many beech trees are an ideal humus for hiking and sports. Interest for the environment goes to the remarkable historical and artistic heritage full of testimonials all over the territory, fortresses, castles, churches and hermitages rise to the role of outdoor museum collections, mixed with the opportunity of a tour to discover typical and outstanding productions including "crescia fogliata".


  • gaglioleThe history of Gagliole is dated in pre-Roman times with the discovery of prehistoric settlements made ​​on several occasions in the valley of Potenza and Colle Marte. Are the traces of the Middle Ages, however, still evident today: the castle, the fortress, Marche's military engineering excellence, Santa Maria della Pieve. Architecture and art are narrow in a combination that is strengthened for the penetration in a natural fabric which provides the starting point for unforgettable excursions: Prati, Valle dell'Elce, Grotta dell'Elce and Pozzo of Sasso. A tour that also includes the localities that bear witness to the centuries-old farming and the practice of religious faith traditionally associated with it: the mills alternate with buildings of cult, temples and hermitages of priceless historical value and rich in precious frescoes such as the Madonna delle Macchie .

    parte delle mura0005.jpgMuseo interno.jpgchiesa della madonna0001.jpgsasso pozzo.jpgrocca.jpggagliole cinta murari0003.jpgchiesa di san zenone.jpg


  • matelicaAt the heart of the Vallata dell'Esino, protected by the embrace of the Apennines, parallel to the Adriatic, the territory of Matelica has unique features that allow you to generate a marvel of oenology: Verdicchio di Matelica, the wine that boasts one of the first DOC Institute at national level. Center of the homonymous the Wine Route, is a place steeped in history, art, culture. Archeology, architecture, churches, monasteries, libraries, museums expand the tourism dimension. The area is littered with examples of yesterday as avant-garde, of mystical places as natural views of recreational and sporting activities, resources and entrepreneurial quality laboratories, farms and wineries that have made it known to the world as the many of his illustrious sons cited from the history books worldwide.

    Facciata Palazzo Finag0004.jpgPiazza Enrico Mattei.jpgFacciata Sfilippo.jpg1011percorso38.jpg1011percorso37.jpgTeatro.jpgEnoteca.jpgCorso VittEmanueleII.jpgmuseo archeologico 1.jpgPanorama Matelica Gol0008.jpgIMG_6633.jpg14 Loggetta Ottoni sec XVI.jpg1011percorso36.jpg


  • pioracoPioraco has been called the Switzerland of the Marche for its extraordinary natural beauty of great suggestion as the Path Vurgacci. For these, still intact, Isabella d'Este Gonzaga said it was "loco as pleasant as nature had been able to do." Complete the offer modern sports and recreation facilities. Rich in water, the area has inspired its inhabitants paper-making: a collection of watermarks documents the activities carried out in the mill from his master engravers, in the Bottega della Carta we are witnessing the manual production techniques and tools of 1300. As in the whole territory, churches and buildings are caskets of art. Great painters like Luca Signorelli, have left traces of their extraordinary production.




  • san severinoImmersed in a lush and benign nature, the ancient nucleus of the Castle, the splendid Piazza del Popolo with the Town Hall and Theatre Feronia, the Archaeological Museum, the Pinacoteca, churches, sanctuaries, monasteries, a historical center where palaces extraordinary one another in a long architectural theory are just some of the wonders that reserve San Severino. Here all the time seems to have been special. Septempeda was one of the most important stations of the Piceno territory. From there they passed the pilgrims who came to pay homage to the tomb of St. Peter, St. Francis, hermits, merchants, men-at-arms. Here lived extraordinary artists like Salimbeni. Made a tour of castles, frescoes, paintings, squares, and a vibrant culture that has few equals.




  • sefroSefro occupies the basin of the Scarzito, a tributary of Potenza, fish-rich waters fed by the basin Montelago. The nature triumphs: walks in the woods, on foot or by mountain bike, meeting with deer, wild boars, porcupines, badgers, herons, hawks and buzzards. Intersect the sweep of cooked for the production of charcoal, the paths do not fail to shrines and crosses, because the territory was crossed by shepherds, woodcutters, pilgrims, adventurers and bandits, and especially because there have been period in which many people in search of peace, they built their hermitages. To eat after hiking you trust your local specialties: Marche cattle, grazing wild, rainbow trout and salmon, truffle specialties and mushrooms and the typical "crescia" great if stuffed with "rugni."



    Alba al Montelago 3.jpgsefro-frazioni.jpgsefro-collezioni.jpgAgolla pano.jpgLunetta dell'abside.jpgCastello di Sefro 1col.jpgPanorama Sefro 01.jpg1011percorso21 1.jpg1004percorso19.jpgChiesa 06.jpgsefro-architettura.jpg1004percorso18.jpg1004percorso17.jpgsefro-storia.jpgCascata sulla Scarsit0003.jpg

  • treia25 centuries of history, art and culture in the theory of a continuous square-balcony, archeology, buildings, churches, libraries, a jewel like the Academy Georgica. It gives a poignant literary fresco Dolores Prato in his "Down the square there is none." Treia is the testimonial of the game of football with the bracelet, spectacular sport loved by Leopardi, who the greatest player of all time, Didimi, dedicated a song. Challenge for the city back to the early nineteenth century, when Didimi made ​​her famous in Italy. On a tour of excellence alongside traditional industries where the quality of life activity can also be measured from the table. The Calcione is recognized as traditional regional product. To taste with Verdicchio or Vernaccia, do not miss the Festival of Calcione without neglecting those of Polenta and Grilled Pig.









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