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Parco ProdottiWhy shops were all shops, if there had been a jeweler's, it would be a shop. Even where he worked as a carpenter, though we do not bought anything, it was called shop ... Everything was shop. Joinery and workshop, but not having it in the house where those who bought the wine, it was not called shop but tavern or cellar.

Dolores Prato, Giù la Piazza non c'è nessuno (Mondadori)

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Holly station (Ilex acquifolium) in the undergrowth of the beech forest of Mount Pennino. Written by Comune di Fiuminata 1113
History of the game of football Written by Rosanna D'Ambrosio 1176

rievocazioniJune and July are marked by pageants anticipated by a week of celebration and entertainment. For the Feast of the Patron Saint Bishop Severino, the city organizes the Palio dei Castelli with which it returns to the fifteenth century, when it was under the rule of the Smeducci. Every first Sunday of August instead Treia back to 1821 for the Disfida del Bracciale in honor of Charles Didimi, legendary player which Giacomo Leopardi dedicated the song to a winner in the flask.

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