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Marche Wine and Cookery Courses

prodotti-marche wineCourse of local cuisine, unique and unforgettable flavors
The territory so rich food and wine is the natural cradle for a cooking class that enhances the uniqueness, the uniqueness of the products. With the cooking class led by Dr. Claudio Modesti, we will immerse you in a world of flavors typically Italian, closely linked to the territory. The course aims to show clearly and simply the main cooking techniques, the course can be 3 to 5 days. The goal is to learn about the techniques and be able to produce typical Italian dishes. In small groups, participants will gain the dexterity and technique required to produce its own dishes extraordinary effect and unique flavor.


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Bernardino di Mariotto

It will be held at Palazzo Servanzi Confidati from March 25 to August 31, edited by Vittorio Sgarbi. The exhibition, a major exhibition event, expected and announced, is a real novelty in the national exhibition: it is the largest event on the Renaissance of Umbria and Marche to the early sixteenth century, for the first time systematically studied, the culmination of a series of exciting scientific discoveries and the occasion for the presentation of a large restoration campaign and new works and new attributions.

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Astrosearch AESA Pro Loco Esanatoglia


"Man has two eyes
One sees only what
moves in the fleeting time,
The other what is eternal
and divine. "
Angelus Silesius


The Astronomical Site
The problem of light pollution is now present in most of the Italian territory, making the night sky milky and punctuated only by the most luminous stars. The area of Esanatoglia presents however the lighting conditions on average well over advantageous for both the discrete elevation of the small-urbanization or, if you prefer, due to the reduced human activity. LThe presence of the observatory will also lead to a further awareness of the problem of light pollution with the adoption by the municipal authorities of measures aimed in time to reduce or at least to direct the lights of public lighting down. And the highest point of Mount Santoporo is an ideal place to install a structure that should be used every day, without any special sacrifices. From this position, the light pollution is already very attenuated while the easy access can allow to anybody a visit of absolute rest. The distance from the center of Esanatoglia is in fact about 2.5 km wich just 200 meters on a dirt track. The structure, built at an altitude of 560 meters allows you to completely sweep along the 360 ​​° azimuth with only a modest loss of degrees of the visual field on the horizon west and south-west. Moreover, the observation of objects low on the horizon would still modest results of "seeing" considering the large sections of the atmosphere to overcome. The south horizon, of significant importance because presents the culmination of each celestial object, is marginally disturbed by the initial slopes of Montecorsegno.

The Structure
7,90 x 3,10 meters of indoor area and just 3.30 meters in height are the measurements of the structure in order to reduce the environmental impact in a place that is already home to a famous international circuit of motocross and its annexes, well as local of clay pigeon shooting. Everything is always better shielded by vegetation already present well as the numerous tall trees planted mainly on the eastern side. On the west side of the structure is installed the dome of 3 meters in diameter intended to accommodate the telescope. Inside, a few steps lead up to a loft located 180 cm above the ground, observation post proper, above which rises the dome. The telescope is installed on a reinforced concrete column that has its foundation on the rock of Mount Santoporo and that is completely isolated from the rest of the building. This avoids the transmission of vibrations to the instrument by visitors. The dome, internally coated with a material with low thermal conduction, is supported by a steel frame calendered and is made with sheet metal of adequate thickness externally coated with glass-resin. A motorized vertical window allows the outward projection of the telescope. The rotation of the dome is provided by a simple motorized rack mechanism. In the heart of the observatory one  powerful and technology eye . At the center of the dome, supported by a reinforced concrete column completely isolated from the structure, is located a modern REFLECTOR TELESCOPE with a objective to be 305 mm in configuration SCHMIDT-CASSEGRAIN on an equatorial mount. The laws of optics allow the telescope to reach a maximum of 720 magnifications and reveal the image of all the planets in the solar system except Pluto only. In particular, Mars, Jupiter and Saturn reveal details of planetary surfaces and is easy to observe the transit of their satellites. But the best use is provided at low magnification with a a light gathering about 1800 times higher than that of our eyes, in theory allows to greatly exceed the visual magnitude 15 with observation of galaxies, globular clusters, open clusters, nebulae, double stars, comets . An internal computer allows the telescope a quick alignment with the Earth's axis and above the aiming fast and automatic over 64,000 objects thanks to motors on both axes of rotation with adjustable speed. The manual operation is driven by the simple push-button with indication of the celestial coordinates. The clockwise motion in right ascension allows the execution of long-exposure photographs. The instrument is designed to work with a CCD camera for electronic elaboration of the images to even lower magnitudes. Finally, a less professional use, the focal length of the instrument of 3048 mm through the application of a comfortable 6.4 mm eyepiece allows you to get closer to our eyes the terrestrial distances of no less than 476 times allowing excellent shots of Mount S. Vicino.

Cultural Project
The combination of Astronomy and Modern Physics has already revealed in this century, a far cry from the reality of the universe that can be perceived by our senses, with 2 cultural revolutions unparalleled for strength and content in the entire history of science: Quantum Theory was born in 1900 with the work of Planck and developed in subsequent decades especially by Dirac and the Theory of Relativity with Einstein's seminal work between 1905 and 1915. The discovery of the motion of recession of the galaxies, the "standard model" of the big bang, the discovery of the background radiation at 2.73 K, the blacks  holes , the GTU and the processes of unification in Super strength, are just some of the more than have contributed to further tie the two disciplines that have always sought the answer to the fundamental questions of man. The creation of the GAPAF, Group AESA for Astronomy and Physics, working in the field of Pro-AESA (Pro Loco of Esanatoglia) was determined by the desire to bring together the skills and energies that exist for the timely and rigorous teaching of this knowledge and for a common cultural development, in support of the desire of science of every citizen. An important goal is to establish in Esanatoglia a regular conferences and conventions frequency of a scientific nature with the participation of astrophysicists and astronomers who can bring recent and significant contributions in the development of programs of study and research. As part of the GAPAF, Esanatoglia should become a center of debate and scientific dissemination as opposed to the many centers of esoteric dark roads that lead out of the energy and sometimes money of modern man. Scientific divulgation in schools can be one of the essential lines of conduct of this program. And of course, beyond the involvement of modern physics and astronomy theory, can not be apart from teaching astronomy with practical considerations of celestial mechanics, guide the orientation and recognition of deep-sky objects, asters, constellations and planets. The observatory was built at the end of the last century by the Pro Loco of Esanatoglia and later donated to the town of Esanatoglia. The GAPAF management retains the right and the duty to safeguard and development.



Corso Vittorio Emanuele II, 28 - 62024 Esanatoglia (MC)

Tel. 339 2201584

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Theatre Group Avis-Aido Esanatoglia


The tenth anniversary of the festival
that's who has participated so far:
2000 - I Edition
2001 - II Edition
Compagnia Liberi Teatranti di Cupra Marittima ...e fuori nevica
Associazione Culturale Piccola Ribalta di Civitanova Marche Per Cause Naturali
Associazione Culturale I Picari di Macerata Questi Fantasmi!
Associazione Amici del Teatro di Loro Piceno L'albergu de lussu
Compagnia Il Melograno L'ospite inatteso
2002 - III Edition
Associazione Culturale I Picari di Macerata Liolà
Compagnia Teatralia di Grottamare (AP) Nelle migliori famiglie
Compagnia Liberi Teatranti di Cupra Marittima De Pretore Vincenzo
L'Associazione Culturale Teatrale Estroteatro di Trento Come un Woody Allen
Gruppo Teatrale Avis - Aido di Esanatoglia (MC) Come si rapina una banca fuori concorso
2003 - IV Edition
La Filodrammatica Ciccio Clori di Castellana Grotte (BA) Un paio d'ali. fuori concorso.
L'Associazione Culturale - Gruppo Teatrale La Pecheronza di Forlì Frankestein Junior
L'Associazione Culturale Il Teatro dei Picari di Macerata La ridiculosa historia di Pulcinella cornuto immaginario
L'Associazione Culturale Teatrale Estroteatro di Trento Il diario di Adamo ed Eva
La Piccola Ribalta di Civitanova Marche (MC) Prove per un'omicidio
La Compagnia Mosaico di Vigna (FI) Uomo e Galantuomo
Teatro Time di Corinaldo (AN) Saturday Night Fever (la febbre del sabato sera) Fuori concorso.
2004 - V Edition
Associazione Culturale Il Teatro dei Picari di Macerata MENECMI
Compagnia Piccola Crocchia di Salerno ORA NO, TESORO
Compagnia Mosaico di Vaglia (FI) Il Papocchio
Gruppo Teatrale La Betulla di Nave (BS) Sesto piano interno 14
Il Laboratorio di arte e spettacolo Iride di Falconara Marittima (AN) LITTLE SHOP OF MUSICAL fuori concorso
2005 - VI Edition
Associazione Culturale Il Teatro dei Picari di Macerata L'INTERVENUTA RIDICOLOSA
La Piccola Ribalta di Pesaro UN TRAM CHE SI CHIAMA DESIDERIO
Compagnia Teatrale Ma chi m''o ffa fà di Giugliano in Campania (NA) TRESETTE CON IL MORTO
Compagnia Estro Teatro di Trento Coppia aperta, quasi spalancata
Ass. Cult. Teatro Time di Corinaldo (AN) FESTA ITALIANA "Una serata tra musica e poesia" fuori concorso
2006 - VII Edition
la Compagnia Teatrale Ma chi m''o ffa fà Ass. Culturale Paradiso di Giugliano in C. (NA) Non ti pago.
Il TEATRO LA BUGIA Associazione Culturale di Fano (PU) Anatra all'Arancia
La Compagnia Teatrale della Luna di Falconara Marittima (AN) La soffitta di via Orsi
La Compagnia Teatro di Pesaro La Piccola Ribalta di Pesaro (PU) Vuoti di Memoria
La Compagnia Teatrale Avis - AIDO di Esanatoglia (MC) Lu Quarto Piccione fuori concorso
2007 - VIII Edition
Teatro di Pesaro - La piccola ribalta Pesaro (PU) Il giovane frankenstein.
Ass. Cult. Teatro Mio Compagnia di Teatro e musica Vico Equense (NA) Ma che fessi che siamo.
Direzione artistica di Francesca De Rose Ass. Cult. / Compagnia Teatrale Musical E'.. Diano Marina (IM) Aggiungi un posto a tavola!
Teatro La Bugia con la collaborazione della Fondazione Teatro della Fortuna Fano (PU) La cena dei cretini. (Annullata)
Ass. Cult. - Compagnia Teatrale Laboratorio a Scena Aperta Ostra (AN) Colto in flagrante fuori concorso
2008 - IX Edition
Ass. Cult. e Teatrale Compagnia dei Teatranti - Bisceglie - BA Il mistero dell'assassino misterioso
Ass. Cult. Teatro La Bugia - Fano - PU La cena dei Cretini.
Ass. di Prom. Soc. OZ Trento Scene da un matrimonio.
Teatro di Pesaro - La piccola ribalta Pesaro (PU) O. Like Othello.
Ass. Cult./Compagnia Teatrale "Musical è" di Diano Marina - Imperia Forza venite gente.



via Portella n. 4 - 62023 Esanatoglia (MC)

Tel. 335 8448183

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