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Restaurant Country House The Villino

ilvillino1The Restaurant
The Halls
The restaurant is divided into three rooms, two of which with fireplace, furnished in rustic style items from the rural tradition, allowing catering to different levels of intimacy and needs in order to offer customers the possibility of contact with the public so as to confidentiality. For ceremonies and banquets is then available to the large living room and panoramic with a capacity of 350 seats.

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Egg Pasta Luciana Mosconi

lucianamosconiThe love for tradition and authenticity, the freshest eggs and a careful selection of the best durum wheat are the main ingredients of a product that gives new life to a precious food culture. The egg pasta LUCIANA MOSCONI comes from the Marche and is made with all the craftsmanship that has always been in this region gives rise to one of the most mouth-watering dishes of the Italian tradition.

Who We Are
Who we are, or rather who and what LUCIANA MOSCONI is. It 's a person who has been able to pursue with determination the dream to turn his small pasta shop in a real pasta factory. It 's a company where everyone works today with enthusiasm and with the sole purpose of offering consumers the ultimate goodness in the form of pasta. It 's a project, major, major, ambizoso, carried out in the creed of work, ethics, and uncompromising quality. We are all this ... LUCIANA MOSCONI is all this!

The story
In our land, the Marches, the pasta has always been, not a food, but a feeling. Conjures up images of ancient and almost lost women busy making pasta on the "pastry", to pull her apron with rolling pin with flour whitened by the hands and nose. And all around children to look impatient and interested, as if to steal the secret of those simple gestures, those dosages perfect, of that good energy. Luciana Mosconi, was one of those kids who was able to learn the "wisdom" to make the pasta, first by his grandmother and his mother then. Became an adult wanted to offer the unique product of that culture also home to others. Initially, in his small shop Matelica, to relatives, to friends, to neighbors. But Luciana Mosconi had learned so well the art of making the pasta that voice ... is turned. The demand has become increasingly diverse. The shop was not enough. E 'became a "laboratory", where today, every day you repeat "simple alchemy" the art of making the pasta. Only on a larger scale, with the help of technology, "domesticated" to revive a product like what Luciana Mosconi has seen it done so many times, many years ago. Thus was born our pasta factory. And that is all this and not only that, with a little of presumption, we say that our pasta is not only very good, but probably ... the best pasta in the world.

The Quality
TASTE ... more performance more ... more dressining ... more ... more ... more ...
Why ...
Pasta ... LUCIANA MOSCONI comes only from fresh eggs and the perfect combination of the best durum wheat semolina.
LUCIANA MOSCONI ... Pasta is dried slowly, very slowly and very low temperatures that leave intact the taste, the smell of raw materials.
LUCIANA MOSCONI ... Pasta dough has a unique porosity and roughness and knows how to embrace the sauce like no other.
Pasta ... LUCIANA MOSCONI grows and maintains its tenacity in cooking due to the low degree of humidity.
The result is a product that could be defined in one word "homemade", as good as fresh pasta made at home, comfortable and usable as a paste artfully packaged.

Good, very good and CERTIFIED! The factory LUCIANA MOSCONI had obtained since 1994 Quality certification:
and was one of the first companies to adapt to the new standards:
UNI EN ISO 9001: 2000
The Pasta factory LUCIANA MOSCONI pays great attention to everything and that is why they are in the process of renewal and obtaining additional certificates in terms of SAFETY, ENVIRONMENT, TRACCIABILITA 'and ETHICS.

- The Nests at Egg
You'll be spoiled for choice!
Luciana Mosconi, definitely has the widest range of the market with regard to the Nests' egg that produces in 13 variants and in packs of 250 gr, 500 gr and 3 Kg Catering format. Each of these prdotti was created to meet the diverse needs of our consumers who can choose from the "cuts" the finest and most close to the more wide through a world that has reinvented the family of "Noodles". And then it turns out that Casarecce and Tagliatelline Casarecce have an uneven cut and once cooked they look really hand-made ..... or that ThumbScrews with their bizarre form liven up the dish as much as Straw and Hay color you. or that .... Chitarrine and Spahetti the guitar are very different from each other but both very good .... and much more. In short, it's nice to be able to choose!

- Specialities to 'Egg
Luciana Mosconi is also thinking of those who love Egg Pasta Short and achieved 5 masterpieces packed in convenient bags of 500 gr. In many call these products "SPECIALTIES '", but the butterflies Rigate, or maltagliati Luciana Mosconi, as well as other products, special they really are, indeed SPECIALISSSSSSSSIMI! The sheet for lasagne, packaged in an elegant box of 500 gr, it is ready to be cooked in the oven after it has been seasoned to perfection, a tasty dish as easy to do thanks to the wisdom of Luciana Mosconi. A curiosity is a must: here, in the Marche, Lasagna vincisgrassi are also called, from the name of an Austrian General who seems to go away mad. And then Vincisgrassi for everyone!

- The Pastine at Egg
And who said that a "broth" has no taste?! The name Pastine perhaps is an understatement for these 5 products that can give a new flavor even a simple bowl of soup. Luciana Mosconi has realized the smaller squares that can be found on the market and as for the other 4 products of the range has them packaged in cartons of practical gr 250 with a double convenient opening, both on one side than on the upper part of the pack, not to combine disatri in the kitchen!

- The Delicate at Egg
Le Marche with the thin sheet
Unlike the Classic Luciana Mosconi, this range of products has a pastry much more subtle (hence the name "The Delicate") and the nests have a more elongated. The drying The Delicate is even slower (up to 20 hours), but it takes 3 minutes of cooking because they are ready to be served.

An Egg Pasta, if possible, even better!

Luciana Mosconi creates PURE GRAIN
A choice made by selecting only the best blends of wheat.
The world of today has Semolina Pasta His big news ...
And the big news ... and do everything exactly as it once was:

  • using bronze dies
  • NATURALLY drying the paste
  • using the care of the biggest MASTRI PASTAI


B. & G. Food srl - Loc Knights - Matelica (MC)

Tel + 39 0737 787424 - Fax + 39 0737 787603


e-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Historical Residence Building Servanzi Confidati

servanziconfidati1The Story

was built in the second half of the seventeenth century. at the behest of Bishop Fulvio Servanzi, San Severino and papal master of ceremonies, designed by an architect from Rome. The realization - that has incorporated an earlier building of which still remain traces - but it turned out much closer to the idea of ​​the architect Mastripaoli local, highly esteemed at the time for the important work carried out beyond the borders of the region, particularly in Umbria . The palace was the residence of a noble family Servanzi, until, in 1819, it was purchased by the Sisters called "Virginie" who lived there until the unification of Italy. After passing under the rule of the Italian state and after being used for many different uses, a careful restoration desired by the municipality, started in 1991 and ended in 1996, it has returned to its former glory.

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Hotel Massi

hotelmassi1The Hotel Massi is a hotel and restaurant that will help giving all comforts in a homely atmosphere.

- Private car park;
- Air conditioning;
- Satellite TV;
- Garden with summer.




Via Merloni, 8 - 62024 Matelica (MC)

Phone 0737 85470 Fax 0737 86072


Valeri`s oil mill

frantoiovaleri1Oil is health, is culture and identity
We believe deeply and more than half a century we are dedicated to this work with commitment and perseverance maintaining a high level of our product, the continuous protection of typical of the Marche region, the region to which we feel inextricably linked. We are primarily a result of craftsmen who transform nature in that precious nectar which is the extra virgin olive oil, a product of ancient prestige, whose roots narrate long-lived existence that comes to us steeped in history and Italian identity. We propose a range of oils that meet the diverse needs of the consumer thanks to the different nuances of flavor, up to delight you with our flavored with lemon, orange, rosemary and chilli for a most delicious and creative cuisine. Finally, the varietal, created with a single variety of olive, in which strong and intense the organoleptic differences of each.

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Restaurant Pizzeria LK Ristoro






Loc. Parolito, 26B - 62027 San Severino Marche (MC)

Tel. 0733 638419

e-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


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Restaurant La Mia Cucina





Via Indivini, 5 - 62027 San Severino Marche (MC)

Tel. 0733 638313

e-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



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Restaurant Pizzeria Entertainment La Cantina degli Artisti

cantinadegliartisti1Just in the midst of the Marche hills was born an idea that unites the tastes and needs of all: Cantina degli Artisti where you can discover the old tastes and fun as always, the sole and exclusive local cuisine and entertainment every that bride evening. We organize private parties, stag and hen parties, birthdays and weddings, any excuse to party. Open from Thursday to Sunday. Wide spaces for banquets and ceremonies, two floors of entertainment, fun, pizzeria, restaurant, ample parking, on order Adriatic fish menu. Ample space for events, meetings, conventions.


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Restaurant Il Camino







C.da Pianné - 62024 Matelica (MC)

Tel. 0737 786035 - Fax 0737 782686



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The Brewery Ludwig Strasse

labirreria1Thanks to a spacious walk-in cooler and a special plug system (very similar to a plant in fall) we can serve a very drinkable beer, without the addition of gas and with a strong foam according to the best Bavarian tradition. If you are passionate of the Oktoberfest definitely know the "PAULANER" the largest brewery in Monaco of Bavaria and one of the most beers tapped at the Oktoberfest.The German tapping rule is slow (about 3 minutes) and is carried out on several occasions, leaving that the foam is reduced each time to refine the crown with the last stroke. In contrast to what found Italians, the foam is an integral part of beer, protective the aroma and freshness for the whole time that the beverage remains in the glass. Another note of our local professional that you is a Paulaner never drink in a glass that you is not his, so you can check the full strength of the aroma and intensity of taste. If you have never tasted the Paulaner or do not you liked it, you come to us to change your mind. In addition to the beer you will find a wide assortment of hard alcohol ranging from the classic to the most sought after ones by real enthusiasts. Really wide choice of Single Malt Scotch, not to underestimate the list of Rhum and the wine. In winter it is customary meet on Thursday to enjoy a more lively evening, listening to live music of various genres.



Corso Italia, 65/69 - 62022 Castelraimondo (MC)

Tel. 0737 640174


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Restaurant Da Palmina




Via Varani, 12 - Sefro (MC)

Tel. e Fax 0737 45125 - 45383




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Restaurant La Rocca




Via Palombara, 3 - 62020 Gagliole (MC)

Tel. 0737 642320


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Restaurant Pizzeria Al Teatro

alteatro1Closed on Wednesdays. Welcoming atmosphere and traditional cuisine, among the dishes we point the vincisgrassi, pasta and beans and main courses of roast and grilled vegetables.



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Trattoria Anna




Via Pergolesi, 16-18 - 62024 Matelica (MC)

Tel. 0737 786074










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