Friday 18 Aug 2017

The Stones of the Dragon

lepietredeldrago1"The stones of the Dragon" is spread over an area in which they were placed 14 life-size dinosaurs, set in their habitat, and is located within a larger structure, which includes:

- Paleontological Museum which illustrates, by means of fossils of considerable importance, the continued evolution of life on earth;
- Picnic area of 30,000 square meters available for guests of the park;
- Restaurant, bar and sandwich shop;
- The museum shop, which offers fossils, minerals, and gift items.

Cost of ticket:
Adults 5.00 - Free for children up to 3 years

The ticket includes:

- Visit to the dinosaur park;
- Visit to the paleontological museum;
- Use of the picnic area;
- Fossil museum;

The museum is rich in significant and important fossils, such as the Cave Bear (Ursus Spelaeus), a unique and well-preserved mosasaur, and also warned of exceptionally large. Dioramas, captions and explanatory panels contribute to a more broad and clear picture of the birth and development of life on earth.



Località Felceto - 62024 Matelica (MC)

Tel. 0732 958139 - 335 6227046


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Cultural Association Il Molino dell'Arte

molinoarte1"At one time, not so remote, the old mill of Gagliole that rests on the ditch into the ravine, was a place of laborious transformation of the millenary  fruit of land, a place intrinsically linked to the rural tradition of our land ... The song of the untouched nature still pervades, calms, refreshes, and calls for peace, reflection, a moment of serenity. "Taken from "Mill to 'art' - Elena Cavallo. A "delight" in the garden. Ed: De Ferrari.

The current owner Alessandra Monaco d'Arianello intends to make a treasure trove of emotions leaving intact the charm of the 'old peasant culture. The old mill of the thirteenth century is the seat of the cultural association "Events of the Mill" that promote artistic events of various kinds both in the mill and elsewhere. The artists take turns during the year: the sculptor Elena Horse, Genova, presents its facilities in the park of the mill, while the paintings of the painter Paolo Righi, from Como, find space on the lower floor.



via Molini, 4 - 62022 Gagliole (MC)

Tel. 338 4494088 - 333 3807623


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