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Salami factory


prodotti-bartocci1After several years of working in a small shop, born in the early months of 2005, the SALAMI Bartocci snc, being an artisan family business. Our laboratory uses only meat born and raised in Italy, and is certified with STAMP EEC No 1999 / L. Marking EEC, based on the D.L.Gs. N ° 286 of 1994, represents the act to label the meats to guarantee the hygiene of their superior quality and origin. The STAMP EEC is the guarantee offered to the consumer so that a product is healthy and certificate from the point of view of health. Our products are tasty, wholesome and good, prepared with quality ingredients following traditional recipes, in order to satisfy even the most discerning palates. We work carefully because we love our work, our territory and above all respect our consumers.

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Restaurant Country House The Villino

ilvillino1The Restaurant
The Halls
The restaurant is divided into three rooms, two of which with fireplace, furnished in rustic style items from the rural tradition, allowing catering to different levels of intimacy and needs in order to offer customers the possibility of contact with the public so as to confidentiality. For ceremonies and banquets is then available to the large living room and panoramic with a capacity of 350 seats.

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Hotel / Spa Borgo Lanciano Restaurant I due angeli

borgolanciano1In the heart of the Marche region, surrounded by a large park and surrounded by rolling green hills, the Castle of Lanciano and the impressive Sibillini Mountains, Borgo Lanciano, a 4-star wellness hotel in the Marche, is the fruit of careful and balanced renovation of old farmhouses. The Borgo Lanciano Relais Benessere is a popular hotel, where the rooms and facilities are located in different buildings characterized by a predominantly horizontal development. The ambitious architectural project led to the creation of a structure of merit, consisting of 50 rooms and suites equipped with every comfort. The Borgo Lanciano Relais Benessere offers the Kimben Wellness Center, you should take advantage of the know-how of Lanciano Research Center - with the participation of major Italian universities - allows guests to take advantage of treatments and experiences of the total psycho-physical wellness. Borgo Lanciano is also a cutting-edge location for congresses, meetings, receptions and banquets. The high professionalism of the staff and the quality of services combines the charm of the structure and the landscape to the comfort of modernity and functionality.

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Historical Residence Building Servanzi Confidati

servanziconfidati1The Story

was built in the second half of the seventeenth century. at the behest of Bishop Fulvio Servanzi, San Severino and papal master of ceremonies, designed by an architect from Rome. The realization - that has incorporated an earlier building of which still remain traces - but it turned out much closer to the idea of ​​the architect Mastripaoli local, highly esteemed at the time for the important work carried out beyond the borders of the region, particularly in Umbria . The palace was the residence of a noble family Servanzi, until, in 1819, it was purchased by the Sisters called "Virginie" who lived there until the unification of Italy. After passing under the rule of the Italian state and after being used for many different uses, a careful restoration desired by the municipality, started in 1991 and ended in 1996, it has returned to its former glory.

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Hotel Massi

hotelmassi1The Hotel Massi is a hotel and restaurant that will help giving all comforts in a homely atmosphere.

- Private car park;
- Air conditioning;
- Satellite TV;
- Garden with summer.




Via Merloni, 8 - 62024 Matelica (MC)

Phone 0737 85470 Fax 0737 86072


Bar Restaurant Fast Food Java Cafè

javacafe1The Java Cafe is a cozy place located near the historical center . You can find a multitude of services to meet the needs of a broad customer base. Born as a restaurant and fast food, it has expanded over time his offer. Now has: INTERNET POINT, point SNAI, telephone recharges, SKY and much more. We organize fun birthday parties, rich aperitifs and buffets. Come to find out ...!


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Wine Shop Bottega dell'Africano


The "Bottega" Africano
My grandfather was Enrico said the African next to the inn and in 1952 opened a grocery store. Today, this store has become a place where the customer-tourist can buy the products of our land even after tasting them at the tables of the restaurant. It offers a choice of 250 wine labels strictly of the Marche, and an enviable selection of cheeses and cold cuts. The "gem" is the production of Tisichelle of Sanseverino.


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Grandoni Corrado Agricultural Farm

grandonicorrado1The company is dedicated mainly to animal husbandry and exploits the mountain pastures from May to December, is in the process of modernization and then transformation. Currently raises cattle, pigs (Cinta Senese or, more properly, fenced), bees, and we have a store of fresh meat per minute, in both porcine animals, and honey. Is activating in the transformation of pork sausages and sheep farming for the sale of meat. The property is collaborating with the University of Camerino for the cultivation of medicinal plants, especially ecardo marian and saffron are on sale thistle seeds, milk thistle honey and saffron.


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Agritourism Restaurant Il Colle del Sole


Housed in a nineteenth-century rural farmhouse recently renovated, is located at the foot of Monte San Vicino at 430 meters above sea level to 6 kilometers from the city of Matelica (MC), among lush hills of the Marche. In the quiet of a pristine environment, the family-run complex run by the brothers Lorenzotti and sons, offers to the visitor the opportunity to unwind in nature, but without giving up comfort.


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Bar Pizzeria Rotisserie Pastry Mosciatti


Own production. Refreshments for each ceremony out of ordination.
Every Sunday rotisserie and, on order, during the week.
Closed on Tuesdays.



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Agritourism La Collina dei Ciliegi

collinaciliegi1La Collina dei Ciliegi is located about 650 m asl in the locality Gaglianvecchio in the municipality of San Severino Marche, whose center is just 8 km away. It is a structure recently renovated. The company is family run and takes advantage of the healthy organic agricultural products supplied by the Company of one of the owners of the agritourism, Leonida Appignanesi. La Collina dei Ciliegi, site Gaglianvecchio (San Severino Marche), is a family-run business. The reception of the patrons is polite and the service is efficient and fast, being able to count on the direction of a young and responsive.


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Agritourism Il Taccolito


The agritourism "Il Taccolito" is a cottage existing since 1700, handed down from generation to generation, was renovated in 2000 and is situated in the locality Taccola at 230m above sea level, a hamlet of San Severino Marche, where over the years 50 was born the first Marches living crib. The agritourism "Il Taccolito" is a working farm, it has developed in several activities: breeding for food, truffle plant, secular olive trees for the production of extra virgin olive oil and finally the cultivation of saffron. Our products are used for the preparation of traditional dishes in our area.
Our small dining room is furnished to offer a warm welcome and to make guests feel as if they were at home, we are planning for an overnight stay.

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Breads and Cakes da Renzo

panedolci1References: Cavour, 5 - L. Porta Nuova, 8 - 62024 Esanatoglia

Tel. 339 1009650

e-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.









Belisario Cellars

cantinebelisario1The Company Belisario was born in 1971. Has vineyards and a cellar of 30,000 hectoliters of capacity. It is the largest producer of wine Verdicchio di Matelica DOC. All the vineyards are close to the cellar at a maximum distance of 10 minutes, all of them are hosted in the Upper Valley Esina. Directly cultivates the vineyards and each label has its own vineyard dedicated. Collaborate on the production a winemaker, a wine responsible for the cultivation, four technicians viticultural, four master vintners in addition to the management of marketing with an office in Italy, a foreign office, secretarial and administration and more than thirty employees to work in the vineyards and in the cellar.

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