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Valley Esina

valleesina1The Valley Esina SpA had its constitution 19 February 1962 under George Pizzi under the name ESAPEL Ltd as tannery quality hides for clothing and footwear. At the end of the ´60 began working as a production of regenerated leather and fiber board with two separate plants and production quality that allow the immediate acquisition of a leading role on the Italian market in years of strong development of the footwear industry in Italy. The production of regenerated leather was immediately given to the footwear industry with the development of articles VALSOL for insoles, VALTEX for buttresses and VALTAC for heels while the production of fibreboard allowed with Article FIBROTEX to meet the demands of shoe insoles for support in particular way of women's shoes. Since then production technologies have been constantly improved with obtaining items always more specific and conform to the standards required by the market and by safety regulations. They were so developed Articles: VALSOL midsole for EXTRA, SUPER BELT for belts, handbags, leather goods, furniture and bookbinding books, VALGARD for welts while Article VALSOL has been developed for use in the field of bags. In 1972, the transformation takes place by s.r.l to S.p.A. with taking the current name and with significant new investments directed to the modernization of production facilities. In the early ´80 the repeated crises of the tanning sector are also related to a new awareness of ecological problems with increasingly onerous regulations push the Valle Esina the construction of a powerful waste treatment plant well suited to support current production activities less well pollutants, after the abandonment of the tannery in the years just after, turning point in most of Italy. The Valley Esina provides accurate purification of pollutants from the production and the recovery of the fibers of leather and leather is already configured originally as ecological activity. The economic resources are then directed to give a new development to the production of regenerated leather and fiber board with primary attention to the quality and productivity of the plants and conversion of painting systems for the finishing of leather bonded leather. The combination of the quality factor with technological innovation as a lever to control costs allow obtaining more and more market share and at the end of the ´80 the focus is also to foreign markets, with new expansion of production of regenerated leather. In September of '98 also opens a new plant for the production of fiber board with cutting edge technology and productivity no longer exasperated by obtaining new high quality products and FIBROMAX called FiberCell, setting as its target market area which focuses on the perfection of the products. The development of lines of grinding, polishing and varnishing also allow the supply of regenerated leather of high quality in the widest range of colors, on surfaces of different structure, with perfect replacement of the skin. Today the Valley Esina SpA operates on an area of ​​over 30,000 square meters of which 10,000 square meters in floor area, with all the infrastructure necessary to operate in complete autonomy in production, providing its also in the production of the electricity needed. The Valley Esina Spa now boasts 35 years of experience in the production of regenerated leather and fiber board. The various articles allow specializations able to meet the various needs of softness, scarnibilità, tear resistance and tensile strength, flexibility or rigidity, lightness or compactness always in the uniformity of the mixtures of each individual article. All items are immune from contamination with cadmium, hexavalent chromium, formaldehyde, pentachlorophenol (PCP), heavy metals or other toxic elements or compounds. Are not flammable and burn only when subjected to long contact with the fire. The Valley Esina has played a pioneering role and leadership in the development of regenerated leather and efforts are implants maintain the position of market leader with constant quality development and specialization of the articles. In August 2004, the Valle Esina SpA established a joint venture called Zhejiang Sunny Esina Regenerated Leather Co., for the production of regenerated leather in China, Zhejiang region.



Location Campocuiano, 119-62023 Esanatoglia (MC)

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Egg Pasta Luciana Mosconi

lucianamosconiThe love for tradition and authenticity, the freshest eggs and a careful selection of the best durum wheat are the main ingredients of a product that gives new life to a precious food culture. The egg pasta LUCIANA MOSCONI comes from the Marche and is made with all the craftsmanship that has always been in this region gives rise to one of the most mouth-watering dishes of the Italian tradition.

Who We Are
Who we are, or rather who and what LUCIANA MOSCONI is. It 's a person who has been able to pursue with determination the dream to turn his small pasta shop in a real pasta factory. It 's a company where everyone works today with enthusiasm and with the sole purpose of offering consumers the ultimate goodness in the form of pasta. It 's a project, major, major, ambizoso, carried out in the creed of work, ethics, and uncompromising quality. We are all this ... LUCIANA MOSCONI is all this!

The story
In our land, the Marches, the pasta has always been, not a food, but a feeling. Conjures up images of ancient and almost lost women busy making pasta on the "pastry", to pull her apron with rolling pin with flour whitened by the hands and nose. And all around children to look impatient and interested, as if to steal the secret of those simple gestures, those dosages perfect, of that good energy. Luciana Mosconi, was one of those kids who was able to learn the "wisdom" to make the pasta, first by his grandmother and his mother then. Became an adult wanted to offer the unique product of that culture also home to others. Initially, in his small shop Matelica, to relatives, to friends, to neighbors. But Luciana Mosconi had learned so well the art of making the pasta that voice ... is turned. The demand has become increasingly diverse. The shop was not enough. E 'became a "laboratory", where today, every day you repeat "simple alchemy" the art of making the pasta. Only on a larger scale, with the help of technology, "domesticated" to revive a product like what Luciana Mosconi has seen it done so many times, many years ago. Thus was born our pasta factory. And that is all this and not only that, with a little of presumption, we say that our pasta is not only very good, but probably ... the best pasta in the world.

The Quality
TASTE ... more performance more ... more dressining ... more ... more ... more ...
Why ...
Pasta ... LUCIANA MOSCONI comes only from fresh eggs and the perfect combination of the best durum wheat semolina.
LUCIANA MOSCONI ... Pasta is dried slowly, very slowly and very low temperatures that leave intact the taste, the smell of raw materials.
LUCIANA MOSCONI ... Pasta dough has a unique porosity and roughness and knows how to embrace the sauce like no other.
Pasta ... LUCIANA MOSCONI grows and maintains its tenacity in cooking due to the low degree of humidity.
The result is a product that could be defined in one word "homemade", as good as fresh pasta made at home, comfortable and usable as a paste artfully packaged.

Good, very good and CERTIFIED! The factory LUCIANA MOSCONI had obtained since 1994 Quality certification:
and was one of the first companies to adapt to the new standards:
UNI EN ISO 9001: 2000
The Pasta factory LUCIANA MOSCONI pays great attention to everything and that is why they are in the process of renewal and obtaining additional certificates in terms of SAFETY, ENVIRONMENT, TRACCIABILITA 'and ETHICS.

- The Nests at Egg
You'll be spoiled for choice!
Luciana Mosconi, definitely has the widest range of the market with regard to the Nests' egg that produces in 13 variants and in packs of 250 gr, 500 gr and 3 Kg Catering format. Each of these prdotti was created to meet the diverse needs of our consumers who can choose from the "cuts" the finest and most close to the more wide through a world that has reinvented the family of "Noodles". And then it turns out that Casarecce and Tagliatelline Casarecce have an uneven cut and once cooked they look really hand-made ..... or that ThumbScrews with their bizarre form liven up the dish as much as Straw and Hay color you. or that .... Chitarrine and Spahetti the guitar are very different from each other but both very good .... and much more. In short, it's nice to be able to choose!

- Specialities to 'Egg
Luciana Mosconi is also thinking of those who love Egg Pasta Short and achieved 5 masterpieces packed in convenient bags of 500 gr. In many call these products "SPECIALTIES '", but the butterflies Rigate, or maltagliati Luciana Mosconi, as well as other products, special they really are, indeed SPECIALISSSSSSSSIMI! The sheet for lasagne, packaged in an elegant box of 500 gr, it is ready to be cooked in the oven after it has been seasoned to perfection, a tasty dish as easy to do thanks to the wisdom of Luciana Mosconi. A curiosity is a must: here, in the Marche, Lasagna vincisgrassi are also called, from the name of an Austrian General who seems to go away mad. And then Vincisgrassi for everyone!

- The Pastine at Egg
And who said that a "broth" has no taste?! The name Pastine perhaps is an understatement for these 5 products that can give a new flavor even a simple bowl of soup. Luciana Mosconi has realized the smaller squares that can be found on the market and as for the other 4 products of the range has them packaged in cartons of practical gr 250 with a double convenient opening, both on one side than on the upper part of the pack, not to combine disatri in the kitchen!

- The Delicate at Egg
Le Marche with the thin sheet
Unlike the Classic Luciana Mosconi, this range of products has a pastry much more subtle (hence the name "The Delicate") and the nests have a more elongated. The drying The Delicate is even slower (up to 20 hours), but it takes 3 minutes of cooking because they are ready to be served.

An Egg Pasta, if possible, even better!

Luciana Mosconi creates PURE GRAIN
A choice made by selecting only the best blends of wheat.
The world of today has Semolina Pasta His big news ...
And the big news ... and do everything exactly as it once was:

  • using bronze dies
  • NATURALLY drying the paste
  • using the care of the biggest MASTRI PASTAI


B. & G. Food srl - Loc Knights - Matelica (MC)

Tel + 39 0737 787424 - Fax + 39 0737 787603


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Euro Marketing '90

euromarketing1The Euromarketing 90 srl was founded in 1990, headquartered in Esanatoglia (MC). The activity is initially trade, from 1994 becomes productive. Aim of the company is the creation, production and subsequent marketing of plastic products and not for home use. From the beginning the company has taken care of, in addition to molding of plastics, whether all the problems related to the construction of molds for new products by following, from the beginning of the first design, the process of realization. using innovative materials and colors in the industry, thus giving the product a modern, practical and economical. The production is divided into three phases: - the molding of plastic parts, with the use of modern injection molding machines - the assembly - the product packaging. Our products are divided into the following broad groups:


  • products for the kitchen;
  • cleaning products;
  • bathroom accessories;
  • product line with superventose sealed guaranteed.


Items can be inserted into various sales channels such as mail order, wholesale, retail, promotions, etc ... The Euromarketing 90 srl is able to meet the various requests or issues related to the various sectors of sales both nationally and internationally.

Our company sells household items, for the free time, for gardening etc ..., well as what time we are working with European companies specialized in the sales system properly called "INSTORE VIDEO" which can be summarized as follows:

  • the type of sale is addressed mainly to hypermarkets, supermarkets, and shops in the streets and / or places of great passage;

  • in sales areas are positioned the video (which includes the exhibitors of goods) which project a demo video of the product to sell;

  • movies that demonstrate the product are short, repetitive and single-product, the duration is not greater than 50/60 seconds.

The products are brand new products, and always already tested and sold in other European markets. Our company will install the televisions and exhibitors (which will be loaned free of charge), and seek to provide the products and demonstration videos, articles, and position yourself to periodically check and replace items sold. For your part you will need to provide us with an electrical connection for video and enter the product code at checkout.

Video: designed for industrial use can also be operated 24 hours a day without overheating, rewind the tapes automatically in a very short time and restart automatically without any operator intervention. They protected commands and operable only by professionals, preventing tampering and possible theft of cassettes. They have no TV receiver and used exclusively for internal use in demonstrations.

Espositori: Resistant and non-bulky; measurements: height 180cm. width: 60cm. depth: 40cm.



Loc. Campocuiano 62023 Esanatoglia (MC)

Tel. 0737 889474 - Fax 0737 889208


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Intimo Stella Shop firm big names

intimostellaLong dresses, cocktail dresses, shrugs, skirts and bustier: for women, high fashion garments for ceremonies and special occasions. Underwear is a second skin refined, lace and silk, or sporty, microfibre, it adapts softly to the body. Lingerie comfortable and sporty for those who love simplicity. Or elegant and sensual to dare a bold look ... Swimsuits, shorts, accessories and beach towels are available in many colors and patterns to suit all tastes and all sizes! Discounts throughout the year from 40%.


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Dandy Roll Filigreed paper


The Company
We are a leading company that has been operating in the field of filigreed paper. Our experience allows us to stand out in the market as we are focusing on the technical quality of our product. The Dandy Roll is able to meet all requests related to the field "watermarking paper" indispensable in achieving a high-quality and exclusive product which the watermarked paper. The trust in the products by our customers comes from having achieved both a highly qualified production is a truly complete service from consultancy and production service. The Dandy Roll is synonymous with higher quality, precision and durability. In fact scrupulous procedures are used and stringent controls on the manufacture. For the transport packaging are made special, robust enclosures made ​​of wood with special anchors. But now the company wants to offer its customers in the future and those who choose its products and its service a guarantee of quality, making it even more obvious that rely on Dandy Roll is really a targeted investment to quality and precision more advanced, and who will rely on Dandy Roll will know that they can count on a real supplier of quality: in name and in fact.

The Production

The product Dandy Roll is the result of the meeting between the needs of the user and the professionalism of who realizes it. On the one hand there are in fact very specific requirements, a description of the item you want, or a specific pattern. On the other hand, carefully selected materials and years of experience on the part of qualified and highly specialized. In-depth research, selection and constant control of materials to help ensure maximum efficiency those recognized by customers to the company Dandy Roll for the construction of its products.
Our production is oriented to achieve:


  • watermarker rollers;
  • watermarker penned rollers;
  • canvasesmolding machines for round machines; 
  • machines for making paper by hand with artistic custom watermarks;
  • repair and replacement canvas and spirals.


The whole structure of the watermarker roller is bronze and brass raw that enables it to support:


  • canvases facial tissues in stainless steel with diagonal joint;
  • bronze canvases tissue junction with wire-to-wire (invisible);
  • canvases punched;
  • watermarks in the clear;
  • watermarks in the light canvas punched.


  • dandyroll2


Via G.Rossini, n. 113 - 62025 PIORACO (MC)

Tel. 0737 42657 Fax 0737 611128


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