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rievocazioniJune and July are marked by pageants anticipated by a week of celebration and entertainment. For the Feast of the Patron Saint Bishop Severino, the city organizes the Palio dei Castelli with which it returns to the fifteenth century, when it was under the rule of the Smeducci. Every first Sunday of August instead Treia back to 1821 for the Disfida del Bracciale in honor of Charles Didimi, legendary player which Giacomo Leopardi dedicated the song to a winner in the flask.

The Didimi's legend

Didimi, returning from the north, where he had played a match stopped for the changing of diligence, he found himself watching a game in a city of Romagna. The game proceeded quietly when a heated discussion started, about a ball deemed good by some and out from the others.
Didimi could not resist the temptation to go out and give his opinion in terms so precise and definite that the discussion turned around and began to him.
Tempers ran high and the outcry resulted in the challenge declarations and in the inevitable in betting. Then he took the bracelet to show in practice that some thought impossible shots could also do. When the stakes seemed enough, he began to hit the ball with a mastery that direct it where he wanted. While bettors stunned emptied his pockets, he made one last joke that left the audience stunned.
A spectator, who had approached to the sample to see better up close, exclaimed: "You are either the devil or you are Didimi!" At that point the champion answered with a smile: "What does the devil, I'm only Didimi of Treia."
Of this anecdote runs for another version of the Marches;

Didimi was playing in Macerata, in a stop action performed by the bottom of the fronton, was able to fly with a shot across the arena and plunging the ball in the area of the piazza Nazario Sauro. The ball fell next to an unsuspecting citizen who, startled, looking up to heaven cried: "O this is God, or this is Didimi Carlo."

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